So I’m assuming that you have a business, product or venue to promote. And that you want more people to know about it, or buy it, or engage with it, or visit it – either online or in the real world.

Whether you’re a new business looking to make a name for yourself, or an existing one that wants an extra injection of oomph to its communications, there are (broadly speaking) three different ways I can help you achieve your goals.

Public relations – I can give you the history and theory of PR if you really want, but let’s stick to the basics: it’s a  simple,  effective and cost efficient way to promote your brand and protect your image.

Writing – Words matter. Simple as that. If your customer is taking the time to read something you’ve produced, you want to make sure it has the right impact. I can help you do this.

Training – Instead of paying me to write or do your company’s PR I can teach you how to do it yourself, with courses and support tailored to your ambitions and experience.